Barrel Creek Provisions

It began with a pickle.
The Austin-based company started in 2013 with a simple mission: to build a better pickle for a popular neighborhood burger joint. In just a few short years, the Hat Creek Burger pickle grew from a local cult favorite into an entire line of naturally fermented products distributed by Whole Foods and other health food stores.

Ready to expand nationally, the founders wanted the new name to communicate their passion for the old-fashioned barrel fermentation process handed down by the owner’s German-American grandmother. The Barrel Creek Provisions name also pays homage to the cold, fresh waters of Austin’s natural springs.

So how do you take a beloved local icon and grow it into a national brand without losing your roots? With that challenge in mind, we developed the logotype and packaging design to elevate the Barrel Creek Provisions name in a way that would capture their homegrown identity while providing a fresh, modern take on the farm-to-table concept.

The logotype is a bold, tall, modern sans serif and slab “B” that references the tradition of barrel fermentation. Then we created a clean, simple frame structure to emphasize key facts conveying the powerful health benefits of the refined lacto-fermentation process.

The classic botanical illustrations offset the modern typographical style and evoke the natural, earthy ingredients. The packaging’s overall compositional simplicity is visually memorable and ensures maximum shelf impact.

And, yes, that perfect pickle is still inside.

Name & Brand strategy: Sparkfire Ventures
Photography: Ashley Chinni & In-house

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