Daymaker is a peer-to-peer gifting platform that helps parents share the joy of doing good with their children. Thousands of kids are using Daymaker on their birthdays to ask guests to donate a gift online while they RSVP to the party. Daymaker's platform is designed to make philanthropic giving tangible, real and relatable so little kids understand the big difference they can make.

Daymaker works with nonprofits such as Boys and Girls Club, The Salvation Army, and Volunteers of America to identify children in need. With partners like TOMS, Seedling, and GoldieBlox, Daymaker is able to give truly meaningful gifts.

The logo playfully depicts the joys of gifting through bright playful stacked gift boxes. The company is imaginative, energetic and always focused on the good of giving. The bright colors convey the true joy that is being shared while the transparency of the boxes convey the transparency of the process, where users can track their gift from the warehouse to the child in need. The friendly, all caps typeface is as bold as the company’s mission, while it’s easy legibility and read-through are a nod to the simplicity of Daymaker’s giving process.

Brand strategy: Sparkfire Ventures
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